John Wooden's comment that follows is in reference to Willie Naulls' first volume of Levitation's View. UCLA Coach Wooden knew Willie Naulls for over 50 years.

"The captivating and touching story of a man who never permitted racial prejudice or a difficult parental relationship with his father to deter him from his goals is a book that all should explore... This is a revealing and inspirational book which will provide serious food for thought for all who have the opportunity to read it."

John Wooden, Coach

Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor of Kings University and Seminary, has been a long time friend of Willie Naulls and endorsed a book with the following comment:

"Willie Naulls' track record as an honored athlete in his earlier years is exceeded by far, among those aware of his profound compassion for the needy, by his practical mentoring to bring under-resourced youth to creative places of effective endeavor in society. His 'Lessons' will benefit everyone of us!"

Dr. Jack W Hayford, Chancellor

Pat Riley, President of the Miami Heat and 7 time NBA Champion player/coach, said the following about Willie Naulls.

"Willie Naulls has the wonderful ability to weave a story that will be sure to find a way in to your heart. His stories strike a chord in all of us as we remember the bits and pieces of similar experiences that we have gone through in our lives.  Willie gives you the strength to forgive yourself for the unkind things you have done, while also making you feel internally thankful for the realization of the good things you have done."

Pat Riley, President

Pastor JP Jones from Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills, California contributed the following recommendation:

"Willie Naulls is the real deal as a follower and spokesman for Christ. His passion, his conviction, and his gift is to communicate the Word of God so that people might believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. His book, The Best Of Light Bearers Word, is an example of Willie's heart to share the transferable truths of Scripture, in a way that people can understand and apply to their lives. I strongly recommend this work as a tool that every believer needs in their tool box, so that they might be 'thoroughly equipped for every good work.'"

JP Jones, Pastor